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The infertile coastal sands of remote Mseleni in Northern Zululand is home to several thousand impoverished Africans whose plight includes a crippling polyarthritic condition: Mseleni Joint Disease.  

First recognized in 1971, Mseleni Disease is a slowly progressive degenerative disorder involving the major joints, notably hips, ankles, shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

The disease often begins in childhood but is most commonly found in women of advancing years. 

The Third World Medical Research Foundation  aims to sponsor a careful search for toxin in the Mseleni peoples' environment that is expected to yield vital information about the cause of this neglected crippling disease.  

Time may be running out.  Whilst Mseleni Joint Disease is still all too common, its prevalence is declining.  What may be a common or related cause between the osteoarthrosis of the Mseleni people and the arthritis endemic in the West could become lost to research.  

Help us act now for the benefit of both groups.


As little as $100,000 will cover the costs of TWMRF's initial, crucial field studies.



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