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The THIRD WORLD MEDICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION exists to sponsor scientific study and education of neglected nutritional, toxic, and other diseases that affect large numbers of people in underdeveloped parts of the world.  Emphasis is directed toward research on disorders of the brain and nervous system.  Work has been conducted on diseases present in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Israel, Mozambique, Colombia, Jamaica, and the Seychelles Islands.  Research is supported by public contributions as well as national and international grants

TWMRF is essentially the result of the vision and determination of one person:  its Founder/President Valerie Palmer.

Her own early life surrounded by disease and hopelessness in a remote corner of South Africa called Zululand provided the motivation to marshal the medical, scientific, and organizational resources to take the fight to disease.  Disease and conditions which, neglected by Western science, would galvanize the West if encountered here on the scales and in the forms endemic in the Third World.

TWMRF exists to sponsor scientific study of nutritional, toxic and other environmental diseases that not only affect large numbers in underdeveloped parts of the world but which, in a single, interdependent, interactive global system cannot fail to affect us in the West in a variety of ways.  

Tackling these problems at source does not only mean defeating disease 'over there'; it also means raising the funds to do so from among the compassionate, the aware- even the purely self interested- right here.

The organization is unique in its self-appointed task, undertaking direct research using its own limited resources; motivating and coordinating others, including government agencies, to engage in laboratory and field projects; and not least, sponsoring debate in centers of learning and research world wide.


TWMRF's philosophy involves bringing together those two often-separated activities of debate and action in sustained programs of research and implementation.  It also stresses the need to train local medical, healthcare, and scientific personnel in the fight against the diseases of their own developing countries.  

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011 (503) 222-3337
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